Foothills Pregnancy Resource Center Welcomes You

Thinking you are pregnant?  Feeling alone?  Hurting after an abortion?  Want to talk?

We are here to help.


Sharing Our Story

On Friday, November 5th at 7:00pm we premiered "Sharing Our Story."  We shared stories of lives which have been served, helped and saved, along with stories from those who serve with us as donors, volunteers and partners.

"Got the chills hearing Pamela's story and also hearing brave Vanessa's story."

"My favorite was the volunteers sharing... I had no idea!"

"I never knew how supportive a pregnancy center can be.  I was like, wow, so so incredible!"

Want to become a part of our story?


Our Mission

Foothills Pregnancy Resource Center is a safe place where individuals and families are empowered with the tools and support to make healthy life choices. We offer love and compassion to those in need of assistance.


Parenting Classes
Summer 2022

We are pleased to announce that this summer, we will be offering 3 parenting classes.  All three classes are free and children are welcome!  Click the link below for more details...

“Helping someone is what life is all about.”

Willie Stargell