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Our Story

A vital resource in the community, Foothills Pregnancy Resource Center has become a life-affirming friend to men, women and families needing pregnancy-related services and support.  We serve a mosaic of clients with a multitude of different support needs.  We've helped teenagers and adults re-commit to sexual integrity before and in their marriages and families parent their babies through our on-going parenting classes. We have had the joy of seeing families reconciled.  We've helped encourage men and women back to wholeness after they've experienced an abortion.  Sometimes a woman's choice to keep her baby is just the beginning of a very challenging time.  We stand in the gap with real and tangible help.  We are an encouraging friend.

Image by Nick Fewings

Stories That Motivate Us

"T" came into the center one day for a pregnancy test.  She was happy because she might be pregnant. But her boyfriend said she should have an abortion.  Our nurse gently explained all of her options. When the nurse determined that "T" was already 8 weeks pregnant, she did an ultrasound.  "T" looked at her baby's heartbeat for the first time and was overcome with emotion and decided to keep and parent her baby. We weren't able to keep in touch with "T" because her phone was disconnected.  One day she got into a terrible fight with her boyfriend. She drive to his house hoping to make things right with him, but he refused to talk with her. She thought the only thing to do was to get rid of the baby.  But she remembered our nurse saying, "Our doors are always open even if you only want to talk." Later "T" came into the center where our nurse encouraged her. We are happy to share that "T" had her baby! She continued to work on repairing her relationships with her family and boyfriend.  Our relationship with "T" didn't end with the birth of her baby. We were able to continue to help with supplies, classes, a crib, and friendship.

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